Hello, hey, hi everyone and welcome to the Love Insured blog

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Hello, hey, hi everyone and welcome to the Love Insured blog – where insurance, health and wellness and lifestyle collide. I entered the insurance business in 2018 after having my last child and being made redundant the year beforehand. Insurance was something new and exciting. It was also a self employed role so it really spoke to the business woman / entrepreneur in me and the flexibility after being a new mum again was priceless.

My previous job roles always left me feeling unmotivated and uninspired. The topic of Insurance, especially life insurance, really resonated with me too.

Although what was even more revealing after working in the industry, was the fact that if your health is in any way compromised, you may not get covered or you’ll be charged extra for it. I’ve always been interested in health and wellness so this made perfect sense to merge the two and educate myself and hopefully help others.

To be healthy and well for yourself and loved ones really is one of the greatest forms of protection there is. Finally, the last word in the love insured motto is, ‘legacy’. Insurance can provide stability and generational wealth for those you leave behind but I believe the memories and experiences you witness and share with those you love most is the foundation of your legacy.

And for me, that is a high priority alongside generational wealth. I hope you enjoy all I have to share! I’m no expert and will be learning along the way too. Let’s get protected, healthy and create some lifetime memories. Kelly

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